Is a ragdoll cat that exhibits the tortoiseshell markings. She was first developed in California when Ann baker bred a white stray female with other stray cats. the resulting breed was a docile and charming cat that became known as the ragdoll.


Minks are a particular type of ragdoll cat. the term "mink" does not refer to a color or a pattern. it is not a different breed either. it refers to a bloodline, which goes back all the way to the very first breeders of ragdoll cats. they are purebred ragdoll cats, as confirmed by SBT and TICA.

They are just darker versions of their lighter counterparts, like blue, lilac, red seal, solid and tortie.


Have body fur in a bright white and 

points in a subtle cream that can 

have pink or buff undertones. Their

 pads and nose leather can be seen in

 a range of pink tones, depending on

 the intensity of their cream points.


The body of the chocolate point ragdoll cat is ivory in color, which can shade gradually into a lighter color toward the cat's stomach and chest. its points are a milk chocolate-like color, in a warm tone.

The eyes are blue in color and the nose leather and paw pad are cinnamon-pink.


A bi-color Ragdoll cat will have darker points on the ears and top of the head, bisected by a bright white blaze. The points extend across their back (also referred to as a "saddle") and tail. The white facial blaze should resemble an upside-down “V", extending to the edge of their eyes.


Have a pure white body with warm-toned grey points that have a pink tone. Their pads and noses are lavender to pink shades.

Red (Flame Point Ragdolls)

Red pointed ragdolls are sometimes called flame point. Their bodies are a bright white and can sometimes have pale shading in the same tone as their points, which can range from a deep and rich red to a brighter apricot shade, although darker colors are preferred.

Their nose leather and paw pads will range from flesh pink to red tones, depending on the color of their points.

Lynx Bi Color

Will have the standard white base with blue patterns. There will be darker shades of blue and gray running through the body. The biocolor patters is a wonderful compliment to an already extraordinary cat bread.

Blue Cream Ragdoll

Present with bluish white to platinum grey bodies. The color is also cold in tone, and it shades to lighter variations on the stomach and chest areas. Please note that in older cats, the body color may appear to be mottled.

seal point
Seal Point

A seal ragdoll is one that has a very dark brown color on it's points- ears , nose, legs, tail and on their body. Sometimes they are called seal colorpoint or a seal point ragdoll. Seal is one of the many colors that ragdolls and other purebred colorpointed cats come in.

Blue Point

A blue-pointed Ragdoll has cool shades of white across their bodies, merging into points of deep grey-blue color. Their tummies and chests will be almost pure white. There paw pads and nose leather are a slate grey. Blue is basically the Dilute of seal.