Meet Rain!

Seal Point Mitted

Meet Star!

Meet Mitsu!

Meet Winter!

 Lilac Ragdoll

Meet Same!

Meet Suga!

Our newest addition . Not old enough to breed yet but what a handsome devil he is . There is already talk about being casted for a very famous fashion line .

Meet Gucci!

The picture explains it all, she walks with sophistication and confidence. She is our Celebrity breeder, being casted by the one and only Miley Cyrus alongside Gucci as The face of Gucci flora! 

Meet Gucci!
Meet Jasper!

Meet Jasper!

Strong and fierce, but so very locking in a human like quality. Extremely intelligent and always up for a cuddle session

Meet Millie!

Our Blue lynx Bi color Dam. Gorgeous Elegant and breathtaking. She has a charming personality, always rubbing against our legs. Very adventures, and has a big appetite. We are blessed to have her as a part of our family and catery.

Meet Millie!

Meet Sapphire! 

Soft and sweetest as can be. Easy on the eyes, and amazing coat. Sleeps with me every night and loves keeping me company.