Deposit for kitten is non-refundable.
Balance must be paid 3 days before pick up or delivery of any kitten unless kitten is being picked up on site and paid in full with cash.
Breeder will notify you when the kitten is ready to go home and has been properly socialized and digestion is good. If there has been unforeseen circumstances and you cannot pick up or receive the cat, breeder will take care of the kitten for seven days. After the seven day mark Breeder may charge a daily cat sitting rate of $40 dollars.
Breeder may have a good idea of colors and patterns at an early age however will not be certain until the 6 1/2 week mark.
Our Ragdoll kittens come with a 100% health guarantee for 3-years and have been generically tested for PKD and HCM.
We’ve been breeding beautiful Ragdolls for many years so you know we’ll be around in the future for all your Ragdoll needs. If you would like to place a deposit on any of these kittens, we do take Visa, Mastercard, PayPal (PayPal with a 3% charge), and Zelle. (Using Zelle has NO Surcharge if you would like to avoid the 3% additional fee). 
We would be happy to send you a photo or FaceTime at six weeks of age. If they are spoken for by deposit, all mention of them will be removed from the website.
Breeding rights can be purchased with all kittens.
This is not the same price as a pet price.
If you choose to purchase a kitten with breeding Rights the cost with be $3,400 US dollars.
"First pick" of the litter refers to the kittens available to the public only.
If a kitten is in need of some extra love and attention or medical attention, breeded has the right to hold back the kitten for further care.
If we remove a kitten or mention of a kitten from the web site or mark it as sold due to a $500 deposit on that kitten, then the deposit will become non-refundable.
Kitten balance is due by the agreed pick up date determined at the 7 week marker for the age of kittens. If you are paying with a credit card balance is due 3 days prior to pick up. Also, breeder will Hold kitten up to 24 hours if balance is past due at the agreed upon date. Buyer will forfeit Their deposit at that point.
Kittens are expected to go home anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks. Breeder will check for proper socialization and digestion before Kitten is allowed to go home. There is no guarantee on when the kitten will be fully weaned off his mother, so this is the expected timeframe. Kittens will also be properly socialized, but expected to continue socialization process when they reach their new homes. If you’re introducing a kitten to other animals in the house, please allow proper time for them to adapt to each other. This will not be instantaneous.